Healthy Bananas Foster Inspired Oatmeal

I was at the grocery store the other day, when I saw this:



I was so intrigued by the fact that this was a caramel flavored tea that I wanted to find a way to use it besides just for drinking purposes.  What better way than oatmeal?

Now I didn’t want to just make a caramel infused oatmeal.  No, I wanted to do something bigger than that.  I wanted something dessert inspired.

I began to think through my favorite caramel desserts.  Almost instantly, bananas foster came to mind.  I had recently seen a few recipes also inspired by this dessert, but all of them were filled with butter and brown sugar.  I just didn’t want to be adding those if I didn’t have to.  

Could I have found the answer to tasting caramel without actual caramel?

My brainstorming continued.  I knew that I wasn’t going to use my normal oatmeal recipe because I wanted to be able to infuse all of the liquid with the tea.  I just wouldn’t be able to successfully do that with the egg whites.  (Especially right now because my family’s kitchen is being redone… all we have is a microwave).  

So I removed the egg whites.  I still wanted there to be a bit of creaminess though, so I substituted with almond milk.  

It was time to assemble.  (Note: I prepared this the night before)

The total recipe is:

     1. 1/2 cup almond milk

     2. 1/2 cup water 

     3. 2 tsp chia seeds

     4. 1/2 cup oats

     5. 2 caramel flavored tea bags

     6. cinnamon

     7. 1/2 banana

     8. rum extract (optional)


Begin by heating up the liquids.  I used a water heater.  You can use any method for this though.

Put both tea bags into the liquid, and let steep.  I let them sit for a few hours.  I was going to leave them overnight, but I didn’t want to risk the tea bags breaking by accident.  Make sure when you take them out though you squeeze the bags to get any excess liquid. 

Add in the chia seeds and oats.  Let refrigerate overnight.  (This is optional).



Now it’s time to put everything together.  Cook the oats to your desire consistency and add the cinnamon.  I also added some flax seed just out of habit.  

Take your slices of banana, and cover both sides with cinnamon.  Cook each side for about 1 minute 30 seconds each.  (Until the top is kind of hard, but the bananas are still squishy as a whole).

ImageSimply top your oatmeal with these and add a few drops of rum extract if you so wish to.  (This helps to stay true to what bananas foster is, but it’s not necessary).


Enjoy! 🙂

Note: I would have loved to cook the bananas on a skillet to form even more of a crust.  Like I stated though, at the moment I don’t have access to one, so I improvised.  Feel free to try I am sure it makes it that much better.. And that’s saying something because it’s already pretty darn amazing


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