Super Healthy, High Protein Treat

Today was just one of those days for me.  When it’s the middle of the day and all I want is to indulge in chocolate… actually anything decadent with a high calorie content for that matter.  Now, indulging isn’t a bad thing at all, but I know myself.  When I’m stressed (which I have been lately), I can definitely have too much of a really yummy thing.  

For this very reason, I began coming up with ideas.  

First I put together that I really wanted a peanut butter-like texture (of course), and chocolate.  

I saw my PB2 on the counter 🙂 (this product is explained in detail here).  

I didn’t want to just have this straight, because it’s just not the same when alone.  I needed a mix.

Like I said, this was in the middle of the day for me, so I wanted to have something filling.  What’s more filling than greek yogurt?… Was I onto something revolutionary here, or something garbage worthy?

What the heck.

Together they were mixed. 

     1. 3/4 cup greek yogurt

     2. 1 tbsp chocolate PB2

     3. 1 tbsp regular PB2

     4. sprinkle of cinnamon

     5. dark chocolate chips (optional)

  (All the ingredients)  (The peanut butter, and cinnamon mixed)

 Now it was time for the final step… Adding the greek yogurt.  This is what my final product looked like.  (Note I did end up adding chocolate chips after 🙂 )



Looks pretty spectacular right?  Well let me be the first to tell you… it is!  Pretty much, it feels like you’re eating a bowl of peanut butter… but it’s lighter if that makes sense.  I don’t know it’s hard to explain see for yourself! 

You can really play around with this recipe.  Nothing is set in stone, I just put down measurements for a baseline.  Go with what tastes good to you, and let me know if you discover an even more amazing combination. 


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