High Protein Cookie Dough Fluff

I am always on the lookout for a satisfying dessert that reminds me of cookie dough.  

This is not an easy task.  Especially trying to find one that doesn’t include any oils or butters in it.  (I really don’t like having these right before bed).

I was never completely satisfied with my findings until one day I discovered something known as protein fluff.  

This is essentially casein protein powder, mixed with (generally) fruit and some type of liquid.  Sounded pretty awesome if you asked me, but this didn’t solve my cookie dough problem.  It did spark an interest in casein protein for me though.  

(Note: casein protein is known for its slow digestive properties.  It’s perfect to have right before bed.  Casein is also found in products such as cottage cheese).

I decided that I wanted to see what was out there in regards to flavors of casein protein powder.  Of course I found the basic vanilla and chocolate ones, but then out of no where… cookie dough flavored!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I read a bunch of reviews on it, and every single one responded positively.  

I ordered it instantly.

Now, since I ordered it online, I had a few days to really hone in on the perfect cookie dough fluff recipe.  

Every recipe I found used fruit, which I didn’t want to do because I wanted the primary flavor to be cookie dough.

I came across one recipe though in which they used pasteurized egg whites.  (Pasteurized so they could be eaten raw).  

As an avid baker, this made perfect sense to me.  I have whipped up egg whites to form fluff like textures countless times before.  Why not add some protein powder to it?

I couldn’t wait to try it out.

Finally the day came.  My protein powder arrived.  I got to work.


IMG_0915     1. 1/2 cup egg whites

     2. 1 scoop casein protein powder

simply, just whisk these two ingredients together until a fluff-like texture forms.  Then enjoy!  It literally tastes like a cloud of cookie dough.  Amazing 🙂



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