I just wanted to write this post to talk about my latest obsession… blogilates 🙂

What is this exactly? Well it’s pilates, but to awesome music.  The best part? The instructor, Cassey Ho.

I have never EVER seen someone so dedicated and so in love with teaching workouts.  Somehow she even manages to talk through what she’s teaching even when she’s doing crazy things like single legged burpees or mountain climbers.  I’ll never understand how she does it.

Every month, she posts a workout calendar too.  All you have to do is subscribe to her blog (, and you’ll receive it every month.  Simply, it lists her youtube videos you should do each day, and you do them for the whole month.  She incorporates rest days too so you don’t go too crazy… key word TOO crazy 🙂

This isn’t the only reason you should subscribe to her blog.  She also posts multiple times a week about well pretty much everything.  It’s really cool to learn about her and her life.  It makes her more human.  More real… which makes doing her workouts that much more worth it.

I’ve completed every single one of her workouts so far in JaNEWary, and I feel amazing.  My favorite workout is her Beautiful Burn HIITilates challenge.  It’s very intense, but it’s one of those workouts where afterwards, you just feel… well so amazing and accomplished.

She’s really helped me to turn my life around, and I brag about her to pretty much every single person I talk to… True story 🙂



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