Easy Sugar Free, All Natural, No Cook Jam Recipe

I have a few recipes in mind that I needed to use some type of jam jelly or preserve for.  I figured I’d be best off just going to the grocery store to buy some.  Man was I wrong.  The stuff that’s reasonable priced is filled with high fructose corn syrup and other weird processed ingredients.  Yes there are organic and non preservative versions, but some are over five bucks for a measly little jar.  Not the best bargain for someone who has to work for a living.  

I knew there had to be an easier way.  There just had to be.  

Lucky for me, there was a container of strawberries leftover in my fridge.  My mom needed to bring some to work, and she said I could do whatever with the rest.  

I wondered… could this really be as simple as mashing some strawberries?  I decided to have a go at it.  Being my lazy self, I didn’t feel like having to clean the food processor, so I grabbed my trusty plastic fork, paper bowl, and mashed away. 🙂 Surprisingly, they mashed extremely easy and quickly (take that food processor).  

I was liking what I was seeing, but I was missing that jelly-like texture that well… jelly has.  

I don’t know what came over me, but it all made sense in that moment.  I knew what I needed. 

Maybe you guessed it…

CHIA SEEDS!!! They’re pretty much known for the jelly like texture they create.

Quickly I turned around and grabbed my bag of chia seeds.  I put in around 2 teaspoons plus a little bit of water, and set them in the fridge.  


In case you were wondering here is the recipe

     1. about 5 strawberries

     2. 2 tsps chia seeds

     3. 1 tsp water

When everything was mashed and mixed, I set them in the refrigerator overnight.  I woke up to this masterpiece



Jelly 🙂  

Of course if you like a lot of sweetness, you can add sugar or sweetener or whatever you’d like.  Since I will be using this to add to breakfast and such, I opted out.  

I used it this morning, and it was amazing.  I am going to blog about that recipe later today, so stayed tuned.  (FYI: It’s banana split inspired 🙂 )


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