One Ingredient, All Natural, Low Calorie Ice Cream

And you don’t even need an ice cream maker!!! Whatttt

But seriously this is revolutionary.

All you are going to need is

1. 1 frozen banana (Yes, it needs to be frozen).

That is it.  A food processor too, but I don’t count that 🙂

Okay, so this honestly tastes exactly like soft serve ice cream.  The sweetness of the banana really powers through, and you feel like you are seriously indulging, but if anything, you’re doing your body good.

So how do you make this treat?

Well, what I like to do is pre slice my banana before I freeze it, that way when I want it, there’s literally no prep work. I try to leave it in the freezer at least overnight, but a few hours should be fine if absolutely necessary.

Once you are ready for dessert, or breakfast maybe? :), take the banana slices out, and place them in the food processor,  Process until an ice-creamy texture.  It only takes a few minutes.  Maybe even less depending on the quality of your food processor.  It will all come together though.  I promise.

Unfortunately, I got too excited and used it before I had the chance to really take a picture, but I got one of it processing in the food processor 🙂

Ice cream’s ice cream… it just so happens that this one is particularly amazing 🙂


3 thoughts on “One Ingredient, All Natural, Low Calorie Ice Cream

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