Healthy Banana Split Oatmeal

Personally, when I think of the epitome of an ice cream sundae, the first think that comes to my mind is the banana split.  I remember my dad making these for me and my siblings when I was younger.  I always felt so cool to be able to have something so extravagant, especially because the time I was still stuck always ordering from the kid menu.

Unfortunately, now it is rare that I get to indulge in a treat like this, so I was determined to incorporate it into something I could make everyday if I wanted and only benefit from it.

I tried searching online for inspiration, but honestly, the only recipes I found really weren’t good enough in my opinion.  I really wanted to feel like I was eating an ice cream sundae, not oatmeal.

Ice cream…. BANANA ice cream… one ingredient HEALTHY banana ice cream

oh my god.

It fell into place from here.  This is what I came up with:

1. 1/3 cup oats

2. 1 cup water

3. 2 tsps chia seeds

4. a little bit of almond milk, or any other milk you desire

5.  1/2 a bananas worth of banana ice cream

6. A few tablespoons of homemade strawberry jelly

7. 1/2 sliced banana

8. strawberries for topping

9. 1 tbsp sliced almonds

10. Honey or sweetener to taste

The night before, combine the oats and the water.  Microwave until almost all of the water is gone, and then put in the chia seeds.  Set in the fridge overnight.

In the morning, add almond milk just until it’s almost the perfect consistency, then add the jelly, and microwave again until warm.



Transfer to a bowl if necessary, and then top with ice cream, sliced banana, strawberries, almonds, and honey.  I also added a bit of cinnamon and almond extract… just out of habit.

The hot oatmeal contrasted with the cold ice cream feels like eating ice cream on a hot summers day.  This was exactly what I needed to prep for an 81/2 hour shift, and I honestly could not ask for anything more similar to a banana split.



Question: What’s your favorite ice cream sundae?


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