Why Oatmeal?

So in a recent post, I explained the benefits of having chia seeds in your diet.  Today, It occurred to me that I really should explain WHY I always have and experiment with oatmeal for breakfast.  That’d only make sense right?

Man, there are sooooooo many reasons why I use oatmeal.  I really want you to actually learn something for reading this, so I’m going to avoid the very obvious ones.  Some of these being that they are filling and give you energy.  We’re going to dig much deeper than that.

1. High levels of protein.  Did you know that oatmeal is actually one of the highest out of all the grains on the protein scale?  Protein is needed for building lean muscle, so if you like to workout in the morning, oatmeals a great choice.

2. It reduces the risk of diabetes.  Having complex carbohydrates, such as 100% whole grain breads and pasta, help to stabilize your blood sugar, slowing down the conversion of glucose to sugar in your body.

3. Can lower cholesterol.  For some reason lately i’ve actually been reading a lot of stories on this.  How people with very bad cholesterol began eating oatmeal everyday, and as a result, didn’t have to start taking medication for their cholesterol.  Pretty cool right?  (Although they probably did change other small aspects of their life, but this helped.

4. Decreases the risk of heart disease.  Since oatmeal helps with lowering cholesterol, the chances of getting heart disease also lowers.

5. Increases your immune system.  Put simply, oatmeal contains a fiber that increases the efficiency of immune cells to fight an infection.

Pretty cool right?  Not to mention that it can help you lose weight because of how long it keeps you full for.

Personally, I love it because I work long shifts that I only get one chance to eat.  It allows me to have a very filling meal that will keep me full for awhile so I can stay focused until I get the chance to eat again.

I know many people complain that they don’t like oatmeal because of how it tastes or the texture. Trust me, there are sooo many different ways to prepare oatmeal, I can almost guarantee there’s a best way for everyone.

I’m going to really try to experiment with different methods of cooking.  That way, you can test them as well, see my own personal review, and find the method that works best for you.

And remember… always eat your oatmeal 🙂



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