What it Means to “Detox”

*NOTE: I am not a nutritionist… I have come up with this theory based on what has worked best for me, and what has kept me feeling healthy and full of energy.  If making any drastic changes to your diet or you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.

It’s coming to that time of the year where our new years resolutions begin to wither away.  Those who were planning on ONLY eating healthy and ALWAYS working out are probably beginning to slack a bit and fall back into old habits.  Not to mention, here in America, it’s Superbowl Sunday.  (Did you know the average calories consumed during the game per person is over 1200!)  After indulging that much, many people probably will look to “cleansing” or “detoxing” their system to get back on track.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this… if you play your cards right.  Now what do I mean by this?

On many… MANY sites you will find claims that one drink will automatically flush out your system and make you lose weight without any work.  The only reason you could lose weight from this is because of the fact that most of these drinks are extremely low in calories.  They are also quite unsatisfying and sometimes probably don’t taste too good.

If you’re looking to detox, the trick is not just to look at what you’re drinking… look at your whole lifestyle in general.  Let’s start with what you’re drinking though.

There is one super drink that will completely flush out your system, and quite possibly even help with emotional cravings.  Can you guess what it is?  Water.  It seems so simple and so logical, but the majority of people do not drink enough water during a day.  Many people opt for soda or energy drinks.  What’s even worse is the fact that many choose diet drinks, which studies show actually increase cravings for high calorie, high sugar foods.

If you really just don’t like drinking water, opt for green tea.  You can even cut up fruit and let it sit in a cup of water to create a naturally flavored beverage.  The best part is you’ll have a treat waiting for you at the end :).

Besides just what you’re drinking, have a look at what you’re eating.  In general, when choosing what to eat, it’s pretty safe to say that anything from the ground, not processed will probably be a good choice… as long as portions are adequate.  I’d say that this is more of a lifestyle change in general.  It is hard to switch from processed to not processed at first… trust me… been there done that, but once you do, your body will crave fruits and vegetables.  I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s quite amazing how the body adapts.

Now, there are actually some foods that will naturally detoxify your body more than others.  If you are really trying to flush out your system, incorporating these foods could help you to feel better quicker.  Note I said could… there really isn’t a magic individual food out there that you can eat and you’ll feel 100% better.  It is a gradual process, and overtime you’ll be able to look back and notice a difference.  You’ll notice it more the healthier you work to be overall (so don’t expect to eat a few of these foods during the day plus high fat high calorie fast food the rest of the day and feel better).

Here is a list of a few foods that can be incorporated into “cleaning your system”

1. Lemons or limes: These contain vitamin C, which is known to help improve digestion

2. Green Tea: Filled with antioxidants that increase liver function

3. Flax Seeds: Easily digestible

4. Chia seeds: Contain omega-3 oils, which absorb toxins to more easily be removed from the body

5. Raw fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens: do i need an explanation?

All of the foods I just mentioned you probably already know that you should have.  It all comes down to lifestyle changes.  Not just eating one more type of food.  It takes time and patience, but the end result will be a healthier and happier you.

I have a few recipes really geared towards creating natural energy and incorporating some of these foods.  I’ll be posting them in a few days, so be on the look out for those.



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