Almost Completely Carb-Free Vegetarian Sushi

First, I’d like to start by saying my PB2 came in today!!!


I know… a bit crazy, but it’s powdered… it won’t expire anytime soon 🙂

Okay back on topic.  Since I actually had the day off, I decided to go grocery shopping for some new ingredients I wanted to experiment with.  While I was searching through the international section, I ran into nori.  I had always wanted to try to make my own sushi, so I figured hey, why not.


Along with the wrap itself, I also purchased some tvp (textured vegetable protein) and vegetables.  Now I know there are probably some of you who don’t know what tvp is.


Pretty much, it’s a vegetarian meat substitute made from soy flour.  To prepare it for this recipe, I took 1/4 cup of it with just enough water so it was saturated.  I then added a bit of hot sauce and my citrus flavored soy sauce.  You can flavor it with whatever you want.  From regular soy sauce to barbecue sauce to any seasonings it does not matter.  Be creative.

Here are all of the ingredients I used for the sushi itself.


     1. 1/4 cup prepared tvp

     2. 1/2 cup chopped and cooked peppers and onions

     3. 1 nori

     4. hot sauce and or soy sauce for dipping

Take out your nori, and place it down facing rough side up.  place tvp on top, but keep about a 3/4 inch boarder to make rolling easier.


I am aware the wrap is facing the wrong way.  I did realize this right after taking the picture 🙂

Place vegetables on top


Roll, roll, roll 🙂


and finally, cut.  Serve with sauce on side.


Enjoy!  This tastes absolutely amazing, and I’ll admit, I felt pretty darn cool rolling these things 🙂


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