Acai Breakfast Bowl

As promised in my post, Why Acai, I would post a power breakfast with the star being acai.

Now, incorporating acai isn’t just as easy as buying the berries and sprinkling them on.  As I already explained, acai only has about a 24 hour period that it’s good from the time it’s picked.  Because of this, we have to get a bit creative in order to fully reap the benefits of this superfood.

In my case, I like to buy the smoothie packets from sambazon.  That way, you pretty much just have to make a smoothie as you normally would.

Most acai bowls consist of a ton of fruit plus granola.  That is the route I took today.

You are going to need

1. 1 acai smoothie packet

2. 1 banana (half frozen)

3. frozen mango

4. almond milk to achieve desired consistency

5. granola (I used a handful)

6. room temperature strawberries



In a blender, combine the smoothie packet, frozen banana, and frozen mango.  Blend, and add almond milk until it’s the thickness you want.Image

Top off with fresh strawberries, the other half of the banana, and granola.  Then you’re done!  That is it.  Super easy and super good for you 🙂


My strawberries are stirred in, but they are in there haha


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