Detox Flavor Infused Chia Water

I really do try to always incorporate chia seeds into my breakfast.  It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes on how I feel when I put them in.  I’ll admit though, I have been slacking a bit the past few days.  I blame it on the fact that my chia bag is almost empty 😦

Regardless of the reason behind it, I needed to find a way to be able to have chia seeds even if it’s not in my main part of breakfast.

Since I have recently purchased a new quite powerful preworkout supplement, I have had to stop drinking coffee in the morning.  (Don’t want to overload on caffeine).  This did open a window of opportunity though.  I now was down to just water.  Now, this isn’t a bad thing, especially because I easily go through… probably between 15 and 20 water bottles a day… I’m not even kidding, but breakfast is what I really like to be creative with, so I figured I should do something different.

I have heard of people actually being able to drink chia seeds, but not once have I tried this.  I was skeptical of the idea since chia seeds form a thick gel mixed with water.  I don’t know it just sounded weird to me.  Life is all about taking risks though right?

This particular morning, I was making pear baked oatmeal.  When I microwaved the pears to soften them, I noticed that there was a lot of leftover “pear juice.”  I was planning on just throwing it into the oatmeal, but I had an idea.  What if i added it to the chia gel to give it a bit of a pear flavor?

This is the recipe I came up with:

1. 1/2 a pear

2. 1 tbsp chia seeds

3. 3 tbsp water (to make gel)

4. ice water to fill up the rest of your glass.  (I prefer the cooling taste.  If you really want a hot beverage though go crazy and heat it up 🙂 )

Start off by making chia gel.  Chia gel works in a 1:3 ratio, so since I was using 1 tbsp of chia seeds themselves, I added 3 tablespoons of water, sealed the container, and put them in the fridge for about 20 minutes.

In the meantime, peel your pear and heat it in the microwave for about one minute.  Since I was using the actual pear for a recipe, I didn’t include it in the drink, but if you want you could probably mash it up and mix it in or just eat it.  Come on it’s a pear those things are to die for. Let me know if you try this, I’m kinda interested now to how that would turn out.


(I took this right before microwaving the pears).

When the chia gel is formed, add the pear juice and mix it in.  Then, add as much water as you plan on drinking.  I really wanted to put ice cubes in, but we didn’t have any…. who doesn’t have ice cubes?

Well anyways, it looks like a sweet science experiment when it’s done


It’s super cool and one of the most refreshing drinks I have ever had before.  It’s one of those things where you have it and you can feel it just refreshing your body.   I don‘t know how to explain it haha 🙂

I will say this though, when I was about halfway though, it occurred to me that I could add fresh lemon juice to it to make it even more of a superfood.  I caution you not to add too much.  I kid you not, I squeezed a whole half a lemon in there, which might not sound like much, but when you only have a bit of water, it kinda becomes way too tart.

Rule of thumb: slowly add lemon 🙂

Feel free to try this with any other fruit or juice you’d like.  Honestly the options are endless.  You could even just drink it straight.  I just wanted to pair it with my PEAR oatmeal ahh funny 🙂

Let me know if you have any cool combinations for this and what you think of it.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of chia seeds check out my post Why Chia Seeds?.  It pretty much will summarize what I think are the best benefits to chia seeds.  There are more though 🙂


2 thoughts on “Detox Flavor Infused Chia Water

    • It’s called DSX craze. Really look into it before you get it though. It’s extremely strong, and you can only get it online. Don’t take it 6 hours before you sleep either cause otherwise you won’t sleep at all.

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