Breakfast Sushi With a Tropical Fruit Parfait

OMG I think I received the best email in the world yesterday!  My vitamix is on its way!!!!!!!!  Of course todays Sunday so I have to wait until tomorrow, but I am sooooooo excited 😀

Okay, so since I had quite a few hours before I had to really get ready for work, I decided I wanted to spend a little more time than normal on making breakfast.  I really wanted to do something that not many people dare to do.  I wanted to make breakfast sushi.

What?? Raw fish for breakfast? yeah no.  It’s just an omelet in a nori wrap, but I’m calling it sushi 🙂

If you want to read about the benefits of having eggs and why they’re a superfood, check out the entry I posted yesterday.  (click here).

For this recipe you are going to need

1. 1 egg

2. 1 egg white (or another egg if you really like the taste of whole eggs)

3. Cooked peppers, mushrooms, and onions

4. a nori wrap

5. Spinach (I heated it in the microwave for a bit just to give it a more cooked texture)

5. hot sauce and or any other seasoning you would put on an omelet I just like hot sauce 🙂  (Especially Franks hot sauce for any Buffalo folks)


Start out by making scrambled eggs.  I somehow managed to do this in the microwave by mixing the eggs with a bit of water and stirring them every 30 seconds.

Add your seasonings to the eggs.  (I added a bit of black pepper too)


Place the egg on top of your nori wrap


Put on your peppers, mushrooms, and onions


And then finally your spinach.  I also added some hot sauce on top at this point


Then roll your heart out ❤


I definitely think I may have put in too many vegetables and spinach because this was quite difficult to cut into pieces as small as I did.  One may have been sacrificed in the process, but oh well I made it work 🙂


Yayyy non-sushi sushi!!!

To make this a balanced breakfast, I decided to get even MORE creative and make a fruit parfait for myself.  (I have a ton of half cut bananas and fresh pineapple that needed a use).  I also had a half used plain greek yogurt container that I needed to finish… weird I know, but it’s the truth.

To make this I took

     1. 1/2 container plain greek yogurt

     2. some honey

     3. cinnamon

     4. 2 tsp pb2 (come on I had to 🙂 )

     5. chopped fresh pineapple

     6. half a banana cut up

     7. kashi go lean crunch or any other type of granola

     8. coconut

     9. dark chocolate cacao nibs

I honestly don’t remember the last time I made a fruit parfait, so I kinda guessed for how I should layer it.  Next time I’m going to put the fruit down first because I found I was searching for the yogurt until I hit the bottom and had way too much.  I also have some plans for making parfaits when I get my vitamix so be on the look out for that!


So pretty 🙂


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