Dark Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Parfait

Have you ever had something that’s so good you almost want to keep it to yourself.  Well I put together something like that today.  The only difference is I’m actually going to share it with you :).

Picture the most decadent tasting ice cream sundae with a rich cherry ice cream and hot fudge.

Imagine if this was healthy.

Well in this case… it is!

It’s filled with protein, and the complex carbs you need to get you going in the morning.  Yes I said morning.  You can have this for breakfast

Start out with a basic oatmeal recipe

1. 1/2 cup oats

2. 1/2 cup water

3. 1/4 cup egg whites (you could just add in more water or any other liquid, but if you’re looking for protein, this is where it’s going to come from)

4. 1 tbsp chia seeds

you will also need

5. 1 tsp dutch processed cocoa powder (you can use regular unsweetened cocoa if you want.  The taste just won’t be as rich)

6. 1 packet stevia or any other sweetener

7. 1 tsp almond extract (optional but adds depth to the breakfast overall)

8. 1 frozen banana

9. a handful of frozen cherries

Mix together the oats, water, egg whites, and chia seeds.


Since I used egg whites and I wasn’t planning on fully cooking the oats in the morning, the night before, I put the mixture in the microwave for about 1 minute 30 seconds.


Let them sit overnight.  Then in the morning, add the almond extract, stevia, and dark chocolate.  I also added a bit more water just to get it to the consistency I wanted it and warmed it in the microwave for about 30 seconds so it could mimic hot fudge.

In case if anyone is curious this is the brand of cocoa I used.  It’s definitely my favorite for now… I have a few more I want to experiment with 🙂


For the ice cream itself take your banana and cherries and place them in a food processor.  Process until an ice cream-like texture is formed


Thank god my vitamix is supposed to come in today because this stupid little food processor was giving me sooooo many problems.  It probably took me a good 10-15 minutes just to get it to turn on.  You really have no idea how frustrated I was, but it’s okay because eventually it did turn work 🙂

Now, get a jar or mug or bowl or cup or whatever you want to layer your creation in.  personally I recommend something see through just so you can admire all the layers, but it really doesn’t matter.


Gahh sooooo good!! You really would never ever know you are eating something so healthy for you.  If you have a food processor or a blender… go make this.  I’m serious you will thank me.

Be on the lookout for vitamix recipes soon!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Question: What’s your favorite flavor ice cream?

Mine is torn between moose tracks and cookie dough definitely

Or vanilla custard with rainbow sprinkles on a cone 🙂


4 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal Parfait

  1. I’m so trying this tomorrow morning! I’ve doubled up the recipe for myself, husband and 2 year old. =) I have the oatmeal in the refrigerator and can’t wait til morning to try it! =D

      • My husband and kiddo weren’t fans, lol. I thought it was great. I especially loved the fact that I ate about 8 bites and was so full. This is the first time I’ve tried chia seeds and I bought them for health and weight loss purposes. Yay! Since I’m the one that makes the food in the house, my husband and kid will be trying food with chia seeds again. Over and over again. LOL. Thanks for the recipe! =)

        • What’s nice is this recipe especially is extremely adaptable. You can even just serve the ice cream! Who couldn’t love that 🙂

          I’m glad you enjoyed it! let me know if you have any recipe suggestions I’m open to anything

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