Tropical Papaya Oatmeal

Before I get into the grind of this recipe, I want to show you a picture…


Meet by baby carrot… isn’t that insane??? It’s almost so cool I don’t want to eat it… well too bad.  That’s what taking pictures is for 🙂

Okay, so I have been really really REALLY missing my steel cut oats since all these renovations started.  You may not realize this, but I used to ONLY have steel cut oats every morning.  I never ever had regular old fashioned oats until I was reduced to just having a microwave.

Well, look what I found yesterday


My steel cut oats :(.  It was like running into someone that you’ve missed and haven’t seen in a long long time.  Okay maybe not exactly, but it was close 🙂

Well regardless, it was enough to make me reallyyyy want to make them.

I had previously tried to make them in the microwave and admittedly, failed miserably.  I didn’t put nearly enough water in and put them in a bowl that was too small.  The result?… crunchy oats that tasted horrible.  Not appetizing.

Well, I decided to try again.  Honestly, do not try this at home.  I’m not saying it’s dangerous or anything its just EXTREMELY annoying.  You are much better off letting 1/4 cup of oats soak in 1 cup of water overnight and then cook them on the stovetop for about ten minutes.

This microwave method took me a good hour.  Especially because I had to keep cooling it in the fridge whenever it got too hot.

Well, hard work aside, this is what I got


I was so happy 🙂

Now I had the dilemma of what to actually put IN them.  I wasn’t about to just have plain oats for breakfast.  Yeah no, not happening.

Of course, I always have random things laying around my house.

Like this


Papaya!!.. but really these things were 2 for 5 at the grocery store.  How could I not?

Personally I could die eating papaya, so I really wanted this flavor to be the prime flavor.  Nothing too fancy this time.  Shocked?

As you can see I cut up about a quarter of the papaya.  Half of that chopped up section I pureed


and the other half I left for topping.

Here’s the total recipe

     1. 1/4 cup steel cut oats (or 1/2 cup of regular oats)

     2. I used 2 cups of water for the microwave method.  You’ll only need one for a stovetop

     3. a few drops of coconut extract

     4. 1 packet of stevia

     5. chopped up papaya

     6. 2 tsp chia seeds

That’s it!

Since I prepped my oatmeal the night before, in the morning I just added the puree, chia seeds, a little more water, and then microwaved it.

To finish it off, I added the coconut extract, stevia, and the almighty papaya 🙂


I cannot express enough how amazing it was to have my steel cut oats again, and to have papaya again for that matter.  That stuffs unbeatable.

Question: what’s your favorite type of oats?

Steel cut all the way for me 🙂


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