Black Cherry Overnight Oats

As I type this, I am sitting in my kitchen.

Yes, in my kitchen…I have not been able to do this for 6. whole. weeks.

After this whole experience, I really appreciate the luxury to be able to wake up in the morning and actually cook a nice breakfast in the oven, or simply even to be able to pan fry something to give it a crispy crust.

It’s really the simple things we take advantage of, and I cannot express how good it feels to be back to normal.

The only problem is… I have no idea where to start with using the kitchen!

I’m so used to preparing meals in the microwave or no bake treats that those are the recipes I tend to gravitate towards.

I have so many ideas for stove and oven recipes, but I have no idea where to start!!

If you have any suggestions or requests, that would help me out a ton.  Plus it might spark some inspiration in me 🙂

So what did I have for breakfast today?  Overnight oats.. no cooking required… of course 🙂

I have my reasons for choosing this though!

I work early today, so it’s a day that I workout before breakfast.  Because of this, I need a really high protein and quick breakfast to have afterwards.  There is a window between 30 minutes and an hour after you workout where your metabolism is going crazy, and your body pretty much burns whatever you take in automatically.  You still want this to be nutritious though.  Lots of protein for muscle recovery.

Hence, this recipe:

1. 1/2 cup oats

2. 1/2 cup black cherry greek yogurt

3. 1/2 cup almond milk

4. 1 tbsp chia seeds

5. stevia to taste

This ratio is extremely important.  Unless you like really runny overnight oats, stick to this.  You can always add more almond milk or water in the morning if you want them a thinner consistency.

All you have to do is stir everything together (I added the stevia and cherries in the morning though when I was ready to eat).

Cover, and place in the fridge overnight (or at least for a few hours… overnight preferred)


In the morning (or when you’re ready to eat), cut up your cherries, and stir into the oats.  That is it!  No microwaving or anything required.

This is perfect for an on the go breakfast too because after all…. breakfast is the most important meal of the day 🙂 (How many more times do we have to hear this before we all successfully have balanced breakfasts?)


I am still in shock with how much I absolutely love these.  I have always been soooooo against trying overnight oats.  It wasn’t until I tried the Popeye Recipe that I really decided to try a straight up overnight oats recipe.

They are so thick and creamy and just amazing!  Not to mention so healthy and filling 🙂

Question: What is your favorite flavor of greek yogurt?

I don’t know if I have a favorite… I love vanilla, pear, black cherry (of course), strawberry, blueberry, peach, and every other one i can’t think of.

Actually there are two I can’t stand…. honey and pomegranate.  I’m not saying I don’t like these flavors in real life, I just think the way they were incorporated into the yogurt made them really disgusting.


5 thoughts on “Black Cherry Overnight Oats

  1. If you mix the apple cinnamon chobani yogurt with 1 T coconut flour, 3 T ground oats, an egg, 1/2 tsp baking soda and some cinnamon it makes great pancakes. I’ve just started eating healthy so I don’t know if baking soda is considered a clean food. As for recipes to use your oven, I have pinned loads of them. I actually have clean or potential to be clean boards and boards that are not so!

    • Congrats on your strive to eating healthy 🙂 It really is amazing the difference you feel in your body, just be aware it takes awhile to adjust, but once you do you’re set!

      I’ve never had a problem with using baking soda. It’s mainly used to aid in creating the correct texture in baked items. Only about 1/4 of a teaspoon is generally used, so i wouldn’t substitute it. Otherwise the chemistry of the item won’t be right.

      Your recipe sounds awesome, and i’ll check out your boards 🙂

  2. D: I LOVE greek yogurt with honey!! It’s waaaay better mixed on your own though, rather than already together and at the bottom of the cup. blech. :/
    For the recipe you could make, maybe a homemade mac&cheese or baked sweet potatoes or Shepherd’s Pie or CAKE everybody loves cake! 🙂 oooohhh how about banana bread? maybe with buttermilk. and blueberries. 😀

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