The Ultimate Preworkout Superfood Breakfast

Yesterday I kinda went superfood crazy at the grocery store… kinda.  I already had most of what I wanted at home to make this breakfast, but there were a few more unique things I wanted to get to really put this over the top.

Like kombucha and goji berries (I’ll be making superfood saturday posts about these).

This particular breakfast is prime in boosting immunity and detoxifying your body.  It also incorporates ingredients that are known for giving you energy and endurance (perfect before a workout).

It is extremely high in nutritional benefits, and it is one of those things where you have, and your body just feel completely and totally refreshed.  Like you’re finally giving it what it has been craving for a long long time.  It’s hard to explain, but it feels amazing.

So what do you need for this?

1. 1 Sambazon acai packet

2. 2 handfuls of frozen mixed berries

3. 1/2 a frozen banana

4. 1/4 cup of kombucha (I used a mango flavor.  Note that kombucha has a very strong flavor, and I didn’t want it to overpower this.  If you really love kombucha feel free to add more and decrease the amount of milk).


     5. 1/4 cup almond milk (can use any kind of milk… if you aren’t using a high quality blender, you may need to add more of this)

6. 1 tbsp chia seeds (come on we need our chia’s 🙂 )

7. dark chocolate cacao nibs, goji berries, and granola for topping

Start by combining your acai packet and mixed berries.


These will need the most blending, so it helps to kind of give them a head start so to speak.  Then add your kombucha, and chia seeds.


Once those are really starting to come together, add in your banana and almond milk until it’s the right consistency.

It should be like an extremely thick smoothie.  One that is thick enough where you’ll need a spoon to eat it.


Top it off with your cacao nibs, goji berries, and granola.


Oh you will enjoy this :).  Your body will too especially because it’s that time of the year where everyone is getting sick.  Having stuff like this will give your body exactly what it needs to help fight off any potential sicknesses coming your way.

Question: What’s your favorite berry in those mixed berry frozen bags?  Strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, or raspberry?

Mine’s a tie between strawberries and blueberries… definitely.


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Preworkout Superfood Breakfast

  1. Are the superfoods you buy generally found in a Walmart or a neighborhood grocer or would I have to go to a specialty grocery store?

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