Two Ingredient All Natural Pancakes

I am definitely an advocate of the idea that the fewer ingredients, the better.  Hence why whenever I am buying products for recipes, I try to buy the ones in their most basic forms.  I feel like the end result is more satisfying.  It also allows you to fully identify and taste all of the flavors in the recipe.

That’s what makes these pancakes so amazing… besides the fact that they’re so easy to make.

I originally found this recipe on, and since finding it, I have made it many times.

The only reason I haven’t posted it sooner is because pancakes just don’t look very pretty when made in the microwave 🙂

Well now that I have my kitchen back, I figured I should share this revolutionary recipe with you.

All you are going to need is

1. 2 eggs

2. 1 banana (the riper the better)

That’s it.  From here you can add chocolate chips, blueberries, or whatever else you want, but that is all completely optional.

I have tried making these two main ways.

1. in my vitamix


2. mashing with a fork

If you want to have thinner pancakes with bursts of banana flavors, stick to just mashing the two ingredients together with a fork.

If you prefer very thick and fluffy pancakes with a homogeneous consistency, blend in a vitamix for literally between 3 and 5 seconds.

I have not tried in a regular blender.

Today I chose the vitamix method.

After mixing everything together, I heated my skillet on medium-high heat, sprayed with pam, and began my pancake journey.


My first pancake wooh!

It actually kind of amazed me just how thick and fluffy these turned out.

And what’s even more amazing is if your banana is ripe enough, you don’t need any sweetener added at all.  (Even if it’s not very ripe, these still do have a lot of natural sweetness).


If you must top it with something though, go ahead.  Cinnamon tastes delicious.  Even toasted coconut.

Question: Have you made any product natural that normally has tons of extra random ingredients added to it?

I’ve made peanut butter… and even chocolate! (Look for that recipe soon! 🙂 )


4 thoughts on “Two Ingredient All Natural Pancakes

  1. I’m a Popster too! Love, love, love blogilates, just got her DVD – totally worth the money 🙂
    Have you tried her two ingredient cookies? I cup of oats and one banana, really yummy and of course super healthy 🙂

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