Homemade Chia Seed Cranberry-Orange Jam

One thing I love more than anything in the world is the unique taste of cranberries.  Unfortunately, not many recipes really showcase cranberries, or if they are in a recipe, they’re generally not the frontrunner that you taste automatically.

In this jam though, you get the perfect hit of cranberries that’s not too tart and not to sweet for anyone… I guarantee.

All you’re going to need is

1. As many softened cranberries as you’d like… I used about half a 12 ounce bag (see this post to learn how to do this)

2. zest and juice of one orange (you won’t use all the juice, just add a little at a time and test according to your taste)

3. Stevia/ honey/ sweetener (Since cranberries are so tart, you’ll need about 3 or 4 stevia packets if that’s what you’re using)  Just sweeten until your desired sweetness

4. 1 tbsp chia seeds


Start by mashing your cranberries


And then stir in all of your other ingredients


Put into a jar, and set in the fridge to cool.  Taste when cooled, and add more sweetener depending on how it tastes (it tastes different when cooled than warm)



This plus my pistachio butter is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!

Question: What’s your favorite flavor jam?

This is honestly my new favorite.  It’s indescribable how unique and delicious it is!


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