Traditional Cereal and Milk’s Chia Makeover!

So I went to bed last night thinking I was just going to have a normal bowl of cereal for breakfast.  I have so many recipes just waiting to be typed up that I figured it would allow me to focus on those rather than creating a new recipe.

Well of course in the morning, my creative mind took over.

I just don’t like the idea of plain cereal and milk.  For me, it normally isn’t satisfying enough, and I don’t know it’s just bland for such a versatile meal of the day.  (I’ll have plain cereal right before bed thank you very much).

Also, I couldn’t get past the idea of not incorporating ANY chia seeds.  It just wasn’t working with me.

Hence this little creation 🙂

Seriously, this was a very off the top of my head recipe.  That seems to be how this day is panning out.

Since it was so unplanned, I kind of had to improvise a bit.  I’ll list substitutions that might mkae it more convenient.

Oh and I really didn’t measure much, so go based off your normal portions for cereal and milk

1. almond milk

2. any cereal of your choosing (I used nature’s path multigrain oat bran)

3. about 1 tbsp of chia seeds

4. 1/2 a banana cut into coins

5. vanilla stevia drops (or another sweetener if you think it needs it)

6. 1/2 tsp xanthan gum.  (if you don’t have this, up the amount of chia seeds.  Combine the chia seeds and milk the night before so they can form the all famous chia gel).

7. any other topping (of course i chose goji’s and cacao nibs 🙂 )

Start by combining your almond milk and chia seeds.


Microwave for two minutes just so a bit of  a gel can start forming… and I wanted a warm breakfast 🙂


If you are using xanthan gum, transfer your mix to a blender, and add until thickened.


Add all the other ingredients


and stir!

Look how thick and creamy it is!!


And the best part? Since it was warm, the cacao nibs melted.  Come on, who doesn’t love the taste of melting chocolate?

Question: What’s your favorite childhood cereal?

My childhood cereal favorite… hmm.  Like I’ve said before, I always change things up… even as a kid.  I remember I used to be in love with a cereal and hate it 2 weeks later.  I know I loved reeses puffs, cocoa puffs, oh and chocolate rice krispies.  I hated cinnamon toast crunch… unfortunately we always had it in the house.


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