Accomplishment and Setting Goals

When you think of accomplishing something, what comes to your mind first?

Promotion at work?

Graduating high school?

Losing 20 pounds?

I’d say 9 times out of 10, the first accomplishment that came to your mind is probably a generic one that many people have set out to achieve before.

Are these really the goals we should be focusing on though?

My answer?  In the short run… no.

Now many of you are probably sitting at your computers confused.  Probably thinking this girl is crazy… she’s pretty much telling me to drop out of school and stop trying at work.

(Don’t do this by the way 🙂 )

What I am saying is that you need to break down your large goal into smaller short-term goals.

Now what is a short term goal?  In short (haha) it’s a very small achievement… such as maybe spending 30 extra minutes on school work a week or drinking less soda… that can be achieved in a very short amount of time (maybe about a few days to a week).  These little goals won’t show any huge progress necessarily, but they are the fundamental building blocks for achieving the ultimate goal.

The next step up from the building blocks are intermediate goals.  These are pretty much the main base that your goal needs to fully be achieved.  These goals are going to be tougher to achieve, but will break down the main goal into sections so it doesn’t seem as impossible to reach.  Depending on how long your goal is set for will decide how long these will last.   (Can even last a month or so).

The final step is actually setting a long term goal.  The key to making this is to set it at a reasonable times length away (you don’t want to be making a goal to lose those 20 pounds in 2 weeks… that’s just not healthy).  But at the same time you want to challenge yourself.

Okay so in case if i’ve confused anyone here.  I’m going to give you a recent example of this in my own life.

As you may (or may not) know, I have been following Cassey Ho’s workout calendar on  What she does is she sets a workout plan for everyday of the month.  Each month she makes a new one.

Okay, let’s start with my short term goal on this one.  I wanted to be able to accomplish the set workouts one day at a time.  This made it so each day rather than looking at my whole one year goal, I was just looking at a 1-2 hour time frame I had to push through.  This made the months absolutely fly by.  All of the sudden the end of the month would come, and I’d look back really proud of myself that I managed to do so much.

My intermediate goal was to get through a month at a time.  As I just stated, this goal for me is a one year goal.  Since, they’re monthly calendars, my intermediate goals are a month long each.  Now as I said before, this goal was a little more intimidating.  I’ll admit that sometimes looking through what I would have to do, I’d be doubtful in my ability to finish.  This actually motivated me even more because hey who doesn’t love a good challenge.  It’s important to have these goals as almost a benchmark so you can feel pretty accomplished more often rather than just once at the end.

The last is my long term goal… to go a whole year following these calendars.  I honestly cannot wait to be able to make it that far.  After seeing how far I’ve already come in these past 2 months (yes only two!),  I can’t image where I’ll be in another 10!  This is where setting all three of these goals becomes really important.  I feel so accomplished already from all my “mini” accomplishments that I am 100x more excited to push through than I was at the beginning.  The goal now feels realistic rather than just a dream.

I am telling you this because I know there are many people out there who struggle with setting and maintaing goals.  Since my blog is about healthy eating and healthy living, I’m assuming a lot of you have a goal to live a healthier lifestyle.  Start out with a super small goal of having a better breakfast or adding in more superfoods.  it’s the little things like this that will put you into the right frame of mind to accomplish what you never thought was achievable.

Question: What goals or dreams do you have?


7 thoughts on “Accomplishment and Setting Goals

  1. I really needed this! I have been getting discouraged about reaching my goal of losing 10-12 pounds by May. I’ll try to set my focus on short term goals so I don’t get so discouraged about reaching the big one. Thanks so much for this website! Can you give me any tips on reaching my goal? I eat pretty healthy, I try to avoid sugar, white flour and processed foods, but my family always has junk around and it’s so hard not to eat it. So eventually I do cave in. I also exercise about an hour a day. Thanks! (P.S. Can you post a recipe for healthy ice cream? This is my downfall. I tried the banana trick, it just doesn’t hit the spot).

    • Okay well let me start with this. Why do you want to lose exactly 10-12 pounds? If you have been trying this goal for awhile, maybe you need to rewire the wording. Do you feel unhealthy? Do you want to make a lifestyle change? Maybe gain strength? What you have to remember is muscle weighs more than fat does. You can actually look a lot slimmer after gaining weight… if that weight is muscle. If this is the physique you are aiming for, I wouldn’t recommend weighing yourself often at all. If you are going to record anything, measure yourself with a tape measurer. This will be a lot more accurate in deciphering if you are leaning out or not.

      If you still want to lose 10 pounds, break it down. It is definitely manageable to lose one pound a week, so maybe set a 3 month goal to lose the ten pounds. This will give you a lot of time for your body to adjust and so you don’t feel discouraged. Remember that we can gain five pounds during the day because of water and food weight, so weigh yourself consistently right when you wake up.

      To create a calorie deficit, try burning 250 calories more during your workouts and eating 250 calories less if you are keeping track of what you eat. I really recommend doing this if you are having a hard time saying no to things because once you put it on paper, it’s right in front of you. It’s easier not to cheat.

      Allow yourself indulgence though. If you feel hungry, eat! Just make better choices. Make sure you have a ton of fruits and vegetables in the house so you can snack on them when you get hungry. It’s amazing how quickly they will fill you up. Plus they don’t leave you feeling gross after.

      If you want to have indulgent snacks that are healthy, look at any of my recipes. That’s the whole purpose for posting them. So people don’t have to feel like they’re depriving themselves because really we only live once.. why miss out of what tastes amazing?

      Finally, give yourself time. Your tastebuds are going to have to rewire themselves. This takes about two weeks. Make that an intermediate goal for yourself… to go two weeks on a very healthy diet. That way you’re not looking at the whole three months of strict eating.

      These gradual changes will make all the difference and i’m confident you’ll come out stronger than ever 🙂

      I am currently working on perfecting healthy ice cream. I do have a few recipes though. If you don’t like the just banana idea try making a black cherry version ( You can’t even taste the banana! Or try my almond milk based ice cream ( It makes a ton for a few amount of calories. You are going to need a high quality blender for this though if you want it to be the texture of ice cream.

  2. Blogilates is wonderful! 🙂 I love her enthusiasm and encouragement in her workout videos! Hmm I think my main goal right now is to get more sleep. It affects my mood majorly!

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