How to Make Popped Amaranth: Amaranth Popcorn!

Amaranth is a grain that I have never heard about before until recently.


This grain actually have more protein per serving than any other grain.  Why I’ve never heard of it?  I have no idea.

What I also didn’t know is that this grain has a particularly unique trait to it.

You can pop it like popcorn!  Crazy right?

Of course, when I found this out I just had to try 🙂

Okay, this process literally takes less than 10 seconds, but you have to be extremely careful.

All you are going to need is a pan or saucepan with a lid.  Make sure it has a lid.  These WILL pop everywhere.

It’s also important to only pop between 1 to 2 tablespoons at a time.  Otherwise, I promise they’ll burn on you.  Either that or not enough will pop before burning starts.

Heat up a pan on medium high to high heat.  Test if it’s hot enough by dropping a little bit of water on it.  If the water kind of “dances” and then evaporates, you’re ready to go.  If not, let it get a bit hotter.

When you’re ready to pop, simply take a tablespoon of amaranth, spread it on, cover quickly, and then move the pan around while you watch them pop.  Stop popping when I’d say 3/4th look popped.  This tends to be the best way for me at least to not burn them.  Whenever I let them pop longer than this, they burned.  Pour them quickly into a bowl, and then move onto your next batch.


Let the pan cool off a bit and reheat between each batch.  This just helps to prevent burning.

Okay so one serving of amaranth is 1/4 cup.  This is how much you get when you pop that much.


Insane right? and yes, it does taste like popcorn 🙂

Look out for upcoming recipes with this unique ingredient!!

Question: Have you ever heard of amaranth or used amaranth before?

11 thoughts on “How to Make Popped Amaranth: Amaranth Popcorn!

  1. You have made me want to try amaranth again. The first time was cooked for a hot cereal and I wasn’t very impressed. So glad I found your blog. I am enjoying your posts and your recipes sound yummy!

    • aw thank you 🙂 I put a lot of work into putting really good recipes that I have tested and perfected, so that means a lot to me.

      I’m typing up a breakfast using amaranth right now so be on the lookout!

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  7. This is awesome! I don’t like popcorn because the kernels always get stuck in my teeth.. These look great and super easy too, Thank You! Is this in the bulk section at Whole Foods?

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