One Ingredient, Healthy Whipped Cream/ Cool Whip

I know I have already posted a whipped cream recipe, but I know a lot of those ingredients people wouldn’t be willing to go to the store to buy.

For this reason, I decided I should post another recipe in which the ingredients (or ingredient for that matter) is a lot easier to get ahold of for a lot less.

All you are going to need is one CAN of coconut milk.  I highly recommend the Thai Kitchen brand. Also don’t opt for low fat otherwise it won’t work.

Now the trick to doing this is to refrigerate your can overnight.  This allows all of the liquid to sink to the bottom of the can.

When you are ready to make it, take a sharp knife, and make a hole in the bottom.  Drain out all of the liquid


I recommend saving this to use for other recipes.  Might as well right?

ImageI may have overestimated my jar size 🙂

Okay next step.  Scoop out all of the solids in the jar.  Most people will whip this with a hand mixer or one of those high powered mixers.  I opted for my vitamix… just because it was right there.


Now you can add your flavorings.  I used NuNaturals Stevia drops.  I used three squeezes of the eye dropper… if that makes sense :).  Use whatever you would like though.  Chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, coffee, any extract, whatever.  Get creative and OWN your creation.  I’m so weird today I’m sorry haha.

Ah okay back on topic… whip it up.


Now that I think about it you could probably add your flavorings now too… I don’t think it matters.

Regardless you are done!  I recommend chilling it for about two hours before you use it.  Or just eat it now.  I think this actually takes wayyyyyyy better than any other whipped cream or cool whip I’ve tried before.  It’s super decadent and thick and creamy and just plain old yummy :).


Not to mention photogenic 🙂

Question: What’s your favorite thing to put whipped cream on? 

Don’t take that to bad levels!

I like it on ice cream 😀


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