Superfood Saturday: Coconut Oil

I am sure that pretty much all of us have heard of coconut oil before.  Whether in a beauty sense or nutritional.  The benefits to using coconut oil are quite amazing actually, and when you fully know the power it possesses, it’s extremely difficult to justify not using it.

Initially, people may think coconut is bad because of its’ high fat content (it’s an oil what do you expect?).  Unlike most oils though, the saturated fat that is in coconut is actually GOOD for you.  Yes, I know we all grew up being told that saturated fats are all bad, but the fats in coconut oil are actually natural, and they digest differently in your body.

What does this mean?

This means they don’t get stored AS fat as one may assume.  Instead, they detox your body and well i’ll list off the other benefits now 🙂

1. It actually can keep your weight balanced.  A study was actually performed where a group of women ingested two tablespoons of coconut oil a day for 12 weeks.  The result?  Rather than gaining any weight, they actually lost fat (mainly abdominal fat).  (

2. It increases your energy and endurance.  I have discovered this first hand.  After I started incorporating coconut oil into my preworkout smoothie, I noticed a hugeeeeeeee difference in how focused I was during my workouts.  It actually was more effective than any preworkout I have previously tried!

3. It’s good for hair care.  If you rub coconut oil into your scalp, it can reduce dandruff.  Also, it can actually help prevent lice.

4. If you have dry skin, rub it with coconut oil.  It’s known for being able to hydrate super dry skin.

5. It can boost your immune system.  It contains acids, which help to fight bacterial and viral infections

6. As I said before, it helps with detox and digestion in general.  Since it can fight viruses and bacteria, it can help prevent indigestion problems due to these causes.

7. The last one I’m going to mention (even though there are sooooo many more) is that it helps with the absorption of vitamins and minerals.  The whole reason we need to have healthy fats is for this reason.  If you are making the strides to eating a super healthy diet… don’t you want to be able to reap all of the benefits from the amazing food you are eating?

As you can probably tell, coconut oil is by far one of those “magic” ingredients.  The benefits it gives you are quite amazing and actually proven to be accurate.


Question: Have you ever tried coconut oil? 


3 thoughts on “Superfood Saturday: Coconut Oil

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