What Nobody Ever Talks About

I’ve been noticing a really disturbing trend in the media lately.  Not just in magazines though, all over pinterest, twitter, Facebook, tv commercials, whatever you name, I guarantee this trend applies.

It’s a topic that I’m actually pretty reluctant to talking about just because I know that it’s a topic most people shun or try to do the opposite of.

That topic is gaining weight… or even weight maintenance.

No, I don’t mean weight gain in the sense of becoming overweight, I mean it in the sense of gaining weight to be at a healthy weight.

Okay I want you to stop and think for a second.  What common articles do you read about in regards to weight?  They’re probably about losing 20 pounds in 20 days or losing inches without having to do any exercise.  Or maybe they’re about the “perfect” 1500 calorie diet meant for everyone!

Tell me, have you ever seen one of these articles talk about “How to gain 20 pounds in 20 days!” or “2600 calorie diet for women!”

I’d be shocked if you have.

Did you know though… based on my active lifestyle and the way my metabolism is, I need about 2600 calories a day?  So if I personally was to follow one of these “perfect 1500” calorie diets, I would be consuming almost 1000 calories less than I need per day?

Not very healthy is it?

Yes, I know that these articles are technically MEANT to be for people who need to lose weight, but if this was entirely the case, shouldn’t they be showing pictures of people who need to lose weight going on these diets rather than models who are probably need more than that per day?

Now I know that they show these models as people who are supposed to be posing as what you’ll look like every, but I don’t know about you, but when I see them, I never picture the model as being overweight.  I just assume she’s always looked like that.

Some diets advertised can potentially be quite dangerous as well.  Especially when you’re talking about taking pills or cutting out food groups entirely.

What bothers me more than anything is how carbs are bashed.  LIKE FRUIT!!!

Oh my god when people say they’re cutting their fruit intake because it’s high in carbs, i’m sorry, but I want to punch them in the face.

Fruit has sooooooo many benefits… the only way you could overdo it on the sugar content is if you’re already eating a ton of high processed sugary foods (or you eat like 20 bananas 🙂 ).  If the sugary processed food is putting your sugar content over the edge… have less of that…. not the fruit.  Ugh that bothers me so much.

Also it bothers me when I see people advertising “no carb diets.”  We ALL need carbs for energy… especially athletes.  Imagine a marathon runner trying to function on no carbs.  Essentially, they’d be having to try to run without energy.  Yeah I’m SURE they’re going to win… let alone make it to the finish line.  This “no carb diet” should be labeled as a “no simple carb diet.”  This pretty much means they have whole grains rather than processed white breads and cakes and stuff.  Even the simple carbs you could have honestly… as long as it’s in moderation and you’re not overdoing it.  Just like everything else!  Just some things should be consumed more than others.

Okay back to my main point.  I’m not saying that the media should completely change its’ set up to advertise weight gain.  I think that it should really focus more on weight maintenance.  This should be what you see on the cover of magazines.  Weight loss and weight gain should be side notes.  If everyone can be completely aware of what the healthy diet is (especially for women) and what real healthy foods are, then maybe people won’t be so self conscious about their diets.  Or maybe they won’t be so self conscious about themselves.  Or MAYBE they can see just how doable and manageable a healthy diet is rather than trying to starve themselves on these fad diets promoting intaking only rice cakes and celery.

You tell me what you would rather read about… unrealistic society expectations that make you feel bad about yourself, or real healthy informative information that leaves you to the ultimate lifestyle and happiness.


2 thoughts on “What Nobody Ever Talks About

    • I think the problem is everyone KNOWS the media is wrong, but the media has become so powerful that there is a huge difference between our conscious and subconscious beliefs. It’s those subconscious beliefs that need to be changed and that I am striving to change through this blog

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