SlimKicker Motivational Challenge Giveaway

One of the most common problems I find individuals have in regards to setting goals are actually pushing through the duration of the time that needs to be pushed through to be successful in it.

The thing about goal setting is the fact that you are going to hit hurdles, and you are going to fail along the way.  If you don’t fail though, you won’t be able to identify when you succeed.

Makes sense right?

We really need to be able to learn to realize just how many successes we have along the way.  That way, when we do slip on, we have something to look back on to prove we’re on the right track regardless of the fault.

I have a way to help you with this.

I actually have a CHALLENGE for you to help you challenge yourself 🙂

Since I am obviously a huge fan of the internet, I enjoy finding new ways to use it to benefit myself.

One new way I have found is through the site SlimKicker.  SlimKicker is a calorie tracking app that takes all your diet + fitness goals and turns them into a level-up game. You upload a image of something you’ll reward yourself with such as a trip to the spa.  When you reach a certain number of points, SlimKicker reminds you to reward yourself with that. SlimKicker also has lots of recipe ideas as well.

SlimKicker is looking for a new challenge to set for its’ users.  In the comments below, write YOUR health/ fitness challenge that people should set for themselves (such as to eat at least 5 vegetables a day, or to try one new superfood a week).  After one week, SlimKicker will pick the best entry to win this digital food scale.  The winning entry will also be featured on their site.

So be creative, be unique, and be realistic 🙂

No setting goals to workout 6 hours a day!



4 thoughts on “SlimKicker Motivational Challenge Giveaway

  1. My challenge would be to bring your own lunch to work for a week. Not only does is it good for your health but it’ll do wonders for your wallet too 🙂

  2. My challenge is for those like me who have a crazy sweet tooth. I challenge you (and myself!) to have only 1 treat a day. That’s one serving based on package size or 1 muffin, 1 brownie, 2 cookies. Good luck!

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