When Life Becomes a Numbers Game

I think we all have to start by admitting something to ourselves.

We’ve all at least once wondered about how many calories or grams of fat are in something before.

Whether it be in a situation where you have an obscenely large portion of an indulgent thing… such as an extra large bacon sundae from burger king

Or if it’s actually because you’re trying to limit your calories for the day because you don’t want to go over a specific amount.

So many people have asked me to post the amount of calories in my recipes on here.

Maybe even you have before

Unfortunately, this is something I am not yet prepared to do.

Let me explain

So I’ve talked a lot in the past about how you can never actually really tell how much your body needs.  We do wayyyy too many activities that burn calories that we don’t even think of.  Like walking up and down the stairs.  So saying I burn exactly 2000 calories is just a near impossible statement.  There is really no way the average person could know this.  Same goes with food.  You could say you have had exactly 2000 calories in a day, but nutrition labels change all the time, and you could take in more than less than you estimated.

And let’s go back to what a calorie is exactly… it’s energy.  Without calories, you don’t have energy, and you don’t function.  Simple as that.  To live a life without enough calories is barely living.

So then what has happened to society where we are encouraged to have as few as possible?

Ask yourself and think of an answer yourself.  Let me know in the comments below.

The next topic I want to refer to is counting calories and macronutrients (such as fats, carbs, and protein).

Personally, I don’t believe in it.  I think if people want to keep track of anything, they should at the most just keep track of their foods in a journal, and have a basic understanding of what’s good for their body and nutrient dense, and what’s a soul-feeding food.

This really only applies for people who are trying to either gain or lose weight… change their body in some way.

For everyone else, let’s go back to kindergarden:

“an apple a day keeps a doctor away”

“have 5 servings of fruits of veggies a day”

and finally

“have lots of whole grains and complex carbs”

Naturally, all of these foods will be filing and satisfying once you adjust to their tastes.  Simply work to incorporate them as much as you can, and give into cravings every once in awhile.

I was having a conversation with my dad the other day, and he made a really good point.

He said that he knew someone who would come home from work everyday, and he would have toast with pure lard spread on it.

Yum right? haha

Anyways, his problem was he was an extremely stressed out person.  Being able to come home to his lard and toast made him feel better.

Now this isn’t me telling you that habits like this are necessarily GOOD for you, but I find it interesting to think that what if this happy time made him live longer?  What if he didn’t have his treat to make his days better?  Kinda makes you think.

I also read an article about people who lived over 100.  They said that they lived their whole lives eating what they wanted and never exercising.  The difference between them and their deceased friends was that they didn’t stress over small things.  They just lived their lives and did what made them happy.

I’ve been talking a lot about challenges lately (especially with the SlimKicker challenge) which by the way closes in a few days so get your challenges in!  Well, my challenge for you is to well first try to incorporate more whole foods into your diet.  Once your palette begins to adjust, I want you to really find your, like I said earlier “soul-foods”  that really really keep you happy and you look forward to.

Once you begin to increase your nutrients while still allowing yourself to have your happy foods, then numbers won’t matter anymore.  Once you start listening to your body, you won’t feel a need to count or obsess over calories.  Once you destress, you’ll live that much fuller.

We don’t get to pick how long we get to live.  Do you really want that time to be spent doing all this extra counting that is impossible to correctly figure out anyways?  Isn’t that what schools for? 🙂

Question: Opinions or comments on this one

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