Superfood Saturday: Quinoa

I have been on a full blown quinoa kick lately.

How could I not?  Have you tried it?

Well, if you haven’t I’m going to convince you to by telling you WHY it’s one of the best superfoods!

For starters, quinoa comes in 3 different colors… red, black, and white.  The white will cook down the most while the black holds its’ texture well.  The red is somewhere in between.  Nutritionally, these don’t differ all that much, so we won’t bother going into that.

But we will get into why quinoa is amazing!

1. It is extremely high in protein, promoting muscle building.

2. It is one of the only grains that is actually a complete protein

3. It has lower levels of carbohydrates than other grains.  It also is extremely rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, and copper.

4. It helps to balance your digestive system

5. It is very filling, which is ideal for those of you who are trying to lose weight

6. It is also gluten free, can help lower cholesterol, and much much more.

It’s so versatile as well.  You can have it cold, warm, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.  You can even just simply stir it into salads or transform it into pancakes or baked good.

Pretty cool right?

If you are interested in trying out quinoa, you can check out my banana almond quinoa breakfast recipe.

And if you don’t know how to prepare it, check out my post on how to make fluffy quinoa.

KEEN-WAH is how you say it by the way!



2 thoughts on “Superfood Saturday: Quinoa

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