Tropical Chocolate Maple Breakfast Parfait

Let’s talk a bit about childhood memories.

I find many times I can relate one food or ingredient to only one thing.

For example: whenever my dad thinks of peanut butter, he remembers one time when his dad told him if you eat too much too quick it could kill you! 🙂

or when I think of PURE maple syrup, I automatically think of my gramma always having it in her fridge and how much I would look forward being able to pour it over what I could.

There is just such a difference between having regular generic maple syrup and paying the 10 bucks for real pure maple syrup.

FYI… regular “maple syrup” only has 2% pure maple syrup in it.  (hence my quotes around maple)

Real maple syrup isn’t as sticky either.  It’s naturally sweet, not overbearingly sweet.

Of course I had to make a breakfast using it… I mean it is like one of the top breakfast flavors out there.

Along with my idea to add in maple syrup, I also managed to chop up all this yesterday


(You can probably guess why the word “tropical” is in the title 🙂 )

Okay so all together you’re going to need

     1. 3/4 cup plain greek yogurt

     2. 1 tbsp maple syrup

     3. 1 cup papaya and pineapple

     4. 1/4 cup chocolate granola

Mix together the yogurt and maple syrup



Layer with the granola, and you’re done!


Absolutely fantastic.  I have no other words.

Question: What’s a food or ingredient you associate with ONE memory?  What’s that memory?


One thought on “Tropical Chocolate Maple Breakfast Parfait

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