The Trick to a Thick, Creamy Smoothie

I have noticed a trend with almost every single smoothie recipe.

They are all thickened the same ways.

1. ice

2. yogurt


3. cream

And that’s about it.

Well, the other day, I really randomly found out otherwise.

I was in the middle of making a smoothie when I really wanted to add a cashew flavor to it.

My instincts told me to throw in cashew butter… which I did not have at that moment.

But what if I just threw cashews in?


I figured the worst that could happen would be chunks of cashews on the bottom of my smoothie cup.

A risk I was willing to take.

So I took my strawberry banana smoothie, and added in a handful of cashews.

After blending for about a minute, I poured the smoothie out to reveal the thickest smoothie I have ever made before (without ANY xanthan gum!).

I later researched online to find out I’m not the only person who has done this before.  Apparently the mix of the nuts with the liquid makes almost a “nut cream.”

All I know is it tastes absolutely amazing.

I have only tried this with cashew, let me know if you’ve ever tried it with another nut before.


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