Happy Easter everyone 🙂

Since I went to my grammas house for Easter, I figured rather than giving you guys a recipe, I would share some of my favorite Easter stories with you.

Way back when I was little, I used to go to my Grandma Zakes house every year.  Or so I am told… honestly it was so long ago I barely remember it.

What I do remember is always going to visit my mom’s family in Syracuse.  We would buy Easter outfits, and dress up all nice and pretty.  I remember when it would be nicer outside, my cousins siblings and I would go in the backyard (or what we considered a backyard… it was pretty much a little hill and a little bit of grass) and play tag or four square for hours.  This would all be followed by a very abundant brunch prepared by my gramma :).  I remember one year we even got these HUGE chocolate bunny lollipops.  Peeps were generally in the picture as well.

We pretty much went up there every year minus a few years here and there.

Oh I forgot to mention, we also used to have egg hunts at my aunts house on Easter morning.

I ALWAYS got the most 🙂 (I can get competitive).

There is one story though that my family has brought up in some way year after year.

The story about this bunny.

ImageApparently, when I was really little, my gramma came into the room I was hanging out in to check up on me.

To her horror, she walked into a little 3 year old holding one of this particular bunnies ears in her hand!

She said to me “how in the world did you do that?!?!?”

My answer “like this!”

and off came the other ear.

True story 🙂

They are now glued on if you can tell… what the marvelous 3 year old I was 🙂

So what about this year?

Well this year is pretty much the same as always just at a different location.

My gramma moved to a different house, so it was a change in tradition for us all.

Personally, I liked this years better due to the fact everyone was actually able to fit in one place.

Also, it helped that the normal baked french toast, quiche, homemade egg bread (which is to DIE for), kielbasa (or kobasi as we pronounce it), ham, and fruit salad were all there.

I love being able to actually BE with my family.  I find that I get so caught up in working and my own life that I sometimes forget to stop and really appreciate what’s around me

That’s what we really should get out of holidays such as Easter or Christmas.

Yes the gifts and food are all perks, but really it does come down to a reason to all be together again.

I know that’s cliche, but if you’ve been through a similar experience, you know exactly how genuine and accurate that statement is.

Question: What did you do for Easter this year?  What traditions do you have?


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