All Natural Papaya Ice Cream With Instant Homemade Chocolate Chips

So about a week ago, I bought two papayas.  (They were two for 5… I had to).  I purposely bought one that was already ripe, and one that still needed to ripen for a few days

The one that was ready to eat, I cut up and froze to use in recipes such as my tropical chocolate maple breakfast parfait.  The other I just left to ripen more.

Well unfortunately, being me, I didn’t go through the first papaya fast at all.  There is still about half of it left actually.  I can’t just buy things and have all of it in a few days.  I get sick of it too quickly then.

I wasn’t about to let the other papaya go to waste though, so I had to come up with a clever way to use it so it would last a lot longer.

Of course the best method to preserve fruit is through freezing.

Well… you freeze ice cream 🙂

Hence this recipe.

You are going to need

1. 1 papaya (ripe of course)

2. 2 bananas (also ripe)

3. 2 tbsp coconut oil

4. 1-2 tsp carob powder/ cocoa powder

5. sweetener to taste

Start out by blending the banana and the papaya


Then transfer into ice cube trays (and or mini muffin trays)


Allow to freeze for either a few hours or overnight (preferably).

When it’s ready, pop the cubes out of the trays, and transfer into a blender


If you don’t have a really high quality blender, you will probably have to do this in smaller batches.

If you’re using a vitamix, start on the lowest speed, and increase to 10 and then turn it on high.  Use the pusher thing to push the cubes into the blade so it blends quicker.

When it’s done, transfer into a container.


Stir in sweetener (I used 2 tsp of nunaturals stevia baking blend, but you can use whatever you want).

Now stir the cocoa into the melted coconut oil until it’s a little bit thicker, but still pretty liquidy to make a magic shell.

Pour over the top of your ice cream, and stir so it breaks down and hardens into little chocolate chips.

Scoop, serve, and enjoy!


Question: What is your favorite way to use up ripe fruit?


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