Cookie Butter Protein Shake

So since making cookie butter, I have been trying to find ways to incorporate it into whatever I can… besides just eating it off the spoon of course 🙂

Originally, I tried looking online for recipes featuring it, but the problem is I can almost guarantee you the cookie butter gets lost in most of those recipes.

I really wanted to make it in a way that the cookie butter is pretty much the only thing you taste…. just the texture is different.  (Kind of like in my peanut butter overnight oats).

In this case though, I decided to use a drink as my base.

I chose my protein shake because I feel like it has a really good flavor on its own, but it can adapt easily to pretty much any other flavor you want.

You are going to need

1. a handful of ice

2. 1 cup of milk (or water or any non dairy alternative)

3. 1 scoop vanilla protein powder

4. sweetener to taste

5. 1-2 tbsp homemade cookie butter

Adjust the ice and liquid depending how powerful your blender is.

Blend until combined and smooth


And enjoy!

You really have to try this cookie butter… and then you really have to try this shake 🙂

OH OH omg quick side note!  I saw the WEIRDEST thing at the store today… sweet potato butter!  Has anyone EVER heard of something like this before?


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