Raw Superfood Chocolate Brownie Energy Bars

This recipe was actually a complete accident.

I kind of just threw some ingredients into my vitamix, blended them, and the result?


Literally something that tastes EXACTLY like a chocolate brownie.

Imagine how stunned my face was.

Lucky for me I remember how I made them 🙂

Oh and the best part… they contain a few of the most nutrient dense superfoods you can find.

You are going to need

1. 1 cup of walnuts

2. 1 cup of dates

3. 1 tsp maca powder

4. 1 tbsp cacao powder

5. 1 tbsp lucuma powder

6. 1 tbsp hemp seeds

You’re going to make this recipe the same as any of my homemade larabars

Just blend in a blender until you can form it into shapes.

I made three bars out of this batter.

Seriously.  IDENTICAL to a chocolate brownie.

3 thoughts on “Raw Superfood Chocolate Brownie Energy Bars

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