Daily Blog- Day 2: About me

Since I’m going to be writing on here everyday, I figure I should tell you guys some of the basics about myself.

If you want a more in depth description about how I got into writing, and what inspired me to live healthy, click here.

Okay, so in case you don’t know, my name is Kelly, and I am 18 years old.  Currently, I am pretty much just working for a living and trying to figure out what to do with my life.  Typical for my age.  I have a strong interest in business, and I would love to one day live my life in the business world.  But really, who knows where life could take us?

I have an older sister, Jessie, and a younger brother, Alex.  Yes, I am the all dreaded middle child

Here’s my sister and I from when we were little


My 14th birthday


My first day of high school


my aunts wedding… it was 2 summers ago I think? Maybe 3?


This was from my high school graduation… I don’t think my dad knew the picture was being taken 🙂


with my gramma 🙂


and then finally, these are the most recent ones I have.  We made sure to take pictures since it was one of the last times we’d all be home before my sister leaves for bootcamp.




I absolutely love my siblings.  I have had my ups and downs with both of them in the past, but at the end of the day, I really don’t know what I’d do without them.  This especially worries me due to the fact my sister is enlisting in the army.  She leaves really soon for bootcamp.  Words can’t describe how scary this feels.  I know she’ll be okay, but the army can change people, and I like her just the way she is.  But hey, I know her, and it takes a whole lot to beat her down 🙂 (she’s a runner… those people are true super humans).

I also have a mom and a dad.  They are my rock.  This past year/ year and a half has been the most difficult of my entire life.  They are the only two people that have had to put up with my absolute worst days, and they are the ones that I often took my anger out on unfortunately.  For those of you who have ever been through a hard time, you probably have experienced this “pushing away the people who love you most” thing.  It’s not fun.  Not fun at all.  It has allowed me to really appreciate what they do for me though, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a better relationship with either one of them in my life.

I would say I have a third parent.  My Gramma Mare.  I actually moved in with her at one point this past year, and I will never be able to thank her enough for allowing me to do so.  It was an extreme push, but it was that push that I needed to really get my head together again.  She emails me everyday since, and it’s an email I look forward to and cherish everyday :).  It’s amazing how much she reminds me of me actually.

I am very lucky to have the family I have.  Every single person: my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my other grandparents, my second cousins have all played a part in bringing me up and helping me keep my head on straight. (because really we all need a little sense knocked into ourselves at some point 🙂 )

That’s all I feel the need to say about myself.  Yes, it is all about family, but that is for a reason.  I feel that I live through my family, and my family makes me.  They are the people who will stay with me no matter what.  They are my rock.  No, I haven’t always realized this, but it feels amazing to finally be able to appreciate it.


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