Daily Blog- Day 3: Sleeping in, Blogilates, and Crazy Produce

So far today has been an extremely relaxing day.  I finally got to sleep in a bit (until 5:30).  Yes, I know for most people this is when they wake up to wake up early, but I’m so used to get up between 3:45 and 4am that this is late.  I love it this way though.  The world is so much more peaceful in the morning.  Not to mention, driving is a lot less annoying :).

Since I don’t work until noon today, I’ve had a lot of time to get stuff done.  I woke up and had breakfast, which included a flavored coffee I just got from the new market down the street from me, Orchard Fresh.


I love being able to go in and grind the coffee myself.  That way I can only grind a little bit to make sure I like the flavor.

This time, I choose a coconut cream flavor.  Coconut’s one of my absolute favorite flavors, so this was a winner for me.  I have also tried their chocolate marshmallow, and butterscotch.  I love all three.

After breakfast, I caught up reading through some cookbooks I got at the library.

If you recently read my superfood granola recipe, you know I got it from Superfood Cuisine by Julie Morris.


After my read today, I found another granola recipe that is currently baking in the oven.  My house smells like fresh cookies.  It’s pretty spectacular :).

I also got through my Pilates for the day.  For all you fellow Popsters out there (you know who you are) this month is death… but in a good way.  Let me know if you agree.

Now I am catching up on some last minute studying, and enjoying this beautiful weather.

I love that I can sit on the porch without freezing my butt off.

How can you not have a good day when it’s this nice out?


Look out for the granola recipe soon.  It’s got about 30 minutes left to bake, and if it’s good, I’ll write up a post either after work today or tomorrow.  I also have a meat and grain free wrap I’ve been making featuring these crazy things.


I’ll openly admit I felt pretty awesome walking around with these at the grocery store 🙂

Question: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve bought at the grocery store?


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