Daily Blog- Day 7: Bikes, Christmas Music, and Pomegranate Jam

Even though I didn’t get much sleep 2 nights ago, I didn’t feel tired at all yesterday.  I guess my body must have been tired though because I was sound asleep right after 7pm and woke up at 6am.  11 hours of sleep!!

Well I woke up this morning feeling extremely refreshed with a ton of energy.  I had breakfast, and did a strength focused pilates workout.  After I still felt like I had a lot more energy, so I made myself a strawberry smoothie


had a chocolate brownie energy bar


and went for a bike ride, which ended up being 7 miles long.


I love my pink bike 🙂

I stopped at Orchard Fresh along the way and picked up a new jam to try


Pomegranate.  Sounded interesting and I’ll be trying and reviewing tomorrow.

There is nothing like the first bike ride of the year.  The weather was beyond perfect, and barely any cars were out, so it was very peaceful.

The only problem had to do with my music.  A little known fact about me is I absolutely love Christmas.  So much so when that time of the year rolls around, 90% of the music on my phone is Christmas themed.  Well, unfortunately, I haven’t gotten the chance to taking it off and putting real music on, so my bike ride was dominated with Jingle Bells and Santa’s Coming to Town.

Completely opposite of what I wanted to be listening to.

Sad part is I’ll probably forget to actually update it.  Therefore, I’ll have this exact same problem next time.

Oh well, sometimes you don’t live and learn 🙂

Since I don’t work until noon, I still have an hour or so to get things done.

The best part of waking up early is the fact that I have so much time to do so many things yet still have time to relax before I have to really start my day.

Question: What time do you like to wake up?


2 thoughts on “Daily Blog- Day 7: Bikes, Christmas Music, and Pomegranate Jam

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