Daily Blog- Day 10: Disasters and Tumblers

Today was definitely a spoiling myself kind of a day… especially after a certain disaster that occurred this morning.

Here’s how it went down.

I decided to make a smoothie.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Midway through the process, I noticed the smoothie was pretty much turning out like ice cream (because of how thick it was).

Instead of adding more liquid, I decided to speed up the blending process by using my tamper to press everything into the blade.

Now, I have done this many many times before without any problems.

Today though… I ended up with this


Yeah…. not good.

The result?

A plastic flavored smoothie.

No I didn’t drink it.

I already emailed the vitamix company to see if I can get a new one with my warranty.

Fingers crossed!

Since I was making a peanut butter smoothie… I improvised by making well i don’t know what you’d call it but it’s like a high protein chocolate fluff with peanut butter on top.  Yeah I guess that works 🙂


I’ve been definitely making smoothies more than ever before lately, and I’ve been living off of using a mug to hold my smoothies.

I decided it was time to change that.

Off I went

First stop

Pier 1


They had soooooooooo many cute choices.  Everything was 20% off as well.

Score 🙂

I got two.  (You’ll see in future recipes 🙂 )

Then I went to Bed Bath and Beyond where I found a clear one with a K on it… AND a pink top!! Double score!!!!! (This one is my favorite out of the three I got).


After, I explored the rest of the mall.

Including the Verizon store where i got a new phone case.

I have this really REALLY bad habit of dropping my phone.  I’m the kind of person who will ONLY drop my phone.  Wait scratch that… I’m the kind of person who drops everything.

Hence my reasoning for buying a really durable case.

(Note: I literally just picked up my phone and dropped it on my computer… my point exactly).

The worker there was really nice though and he talked me out of buying an 80 dollar case… he also talked me into this one and advised me not to buy the super sparkly one due to the fact I’d be right back where I started.

After the verizon store, I shopped around a bit and went back home.

I do have recipes for you guys!!!  I just haven’t been able to find time to type them up.  Definitely within the next few days though 🙂

5:30 am shift tomorrow!  I’ve gotta start getting ready for bed.  PLUS my sister should be home any minute 😀

I hope you guys had an amazing day 🙂

OH by the way, check out the recipe index!! I updated it 🙂  Let me know what you think.


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