Daily Blog- Day 11: Routine and My Pets

Today was another early day for me. 

It all started sitting by the fireplace with this nugget


What’s pretty amazing is this has become a tradition for us. 

Every morning, I sit by the fire, and she sits with me.  It’s something I look forward to for some reason.  Hey we all need something to bring us up at 5 am 🙂 


Love her ❤ 🙂

Oh I don’t know for sure if I have ever mentioned that I have cats in a post before.

Okay, so I have two.  One named Sophie (above) and one named Sadie. 

Here’s how you tell them apart:

Sophie: fat


Sadie: thin


Sophie also has a spot on her nose


gotta love them 🙂

After sitting around for a bit, I made myself a smoothie and finished getting ready for work


Today work was crazyyyy busy.

I love days like this though.  I love the rush and the challenge it brings.  It’s amazing to see just how well a group of people can work together and that’s how I feel it is with my coworkers.  We’re a pretty awesome team not gunna lie.  

Since my sister is home, my dad is making his special homemade hamburgers for dinner.  Until then I’m laying in bed due to the fact it’s freezing right now.  

Question: What’s one thing you can always look forward to during the day?


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