Daily Blog- Day 12: Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there (and future mothers as well 🙂 ).

I’ve noticed a trend today.

Everyone is making statuses or tweeting about how amazing their mothers are

They keep saying how their mother is the best mother in the world

They all lie

Mine is 🙂


Some things never change 🙂

But really.  Even though she has put up with a lot of stupid stuff from my siblings and I (how could she not?)  I think what really makes her special is her ability to create memories.

When I think back on my childhood, I only remember good.  I remember how my mom would literally work to plan out our days to be filled with adventures.  From going on picnics to playing water tables (I’m not sure anyone is going to know what this is haha) to going around the block on a fall night while she pushed us in a 3 person stroller.  These are things you just don’t forget.

In my opinion, my mom is the epitome of what a mom should be.  If I can be half the person my mom is when I’m older, then I’ll definitely be doing something right :).

So now is the day we give our mothers thanks right?  Many people are going out for brunches or are just being nicer to their mothers in general.  This is great and all, but I think we need to work to show appreciation towards our moms a little more everyday.  Rather than just taking her out for breakfast or coffee one day of the year, why not try once a week?  Or do something as simple as taking regular walks together.  It’s these little things that will make the difference in the long run.  We all need more reasons to treat ourselves anyways :).

For my mom this year, we kept it really simple.  I worked the whole day, so our original plans to go out for brunch had to be cancelled.  Instead, the rest of my family went to chipotle for lunch.  We were going to go our for ice cream when I got home, but since my dad wasn’t feeling good, we opted out.

Does this mean mothers day was a bust?  Actually, quite the opposite.  I actually think I appreciated this mothers day more than any other one in the past.

These past few months, I have really built up my relationship with my mom.  Seeing the difference between how we used to be and now and really being able to acknowledge it today FELT really special.

Of course I didn’t leave her empty handed 🙂

Since her coworkers are always asking about her family, I decided to make her this

Image   ImageImageImage

She was elated 🙂

Happy Mothers Day mom 🙂

I always want to wish a Happy (Grand)Mothers Day to my Gramma Mare 😀 She deserves it just as much as my mom does 🙂


2 thoughts on “Daily Blog- Day 12: Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. I liked your post! You are right about celebrating out Moms more often. Mine is gone, six months now, and Mother’s Day was hard. We do need to celebrate or at least acknowledge out Moms everyday! Thank you for reminding us.

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