Daily Blog- Day 16: Celebrating at Olive Garden

Today has been another amazing day so far.  I really think a lot of it has to do with the sun shining.  Everyone is just happier.

As I said before, my day started bright and early.  Surprisingly, my dad ended up waking up around the same time as I did.  He told me it was so he could get his work done to be home for tonight.

So what’s tonight you may ask?

Well, tonight we are celebrating my sisters 20th birthday.  Even though it’s not her actual birthday for a few more weeks, she’ll be at bootcamp by the time her birthday rolls around.  Actually, she’ll be in bootcamp in less that a week.  Weird.

To celebrate, we are going to Olive Garden and then having cake at home.  My family never ever EVER gets dessert at restaurants, and that’s always bothered me.  Then again I guess it makes it special when we do right?


Besides that, I broke out one of my new tumblers today!


Hint hint: What’s inside will be featured shortly 🙂


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