Daily Blog- Day 17: Starbucks and Chipotle

Today’s day started as early as always… even though I don’t work until tonight.  

I hate when this happens.  It makes my days really really long. 

My solution?  Caffeine.  A lot of caffeine.  

Starting with my first cup in front of the fireplace

with BOTH my cats this time




Since my sister is home, we decided to go out with my brother for lunch (we picked him up at school.  Good old “doctors” notes 🙂 )

First stop: Starbucks

Okay I have a confession.  

I’ve never ever actually tried a legit frappuccino before.  

Crazy!  I know

Well that changed today

Hello cinnamon dolce frappuccino


Seriously soooo good

Apparently there’s a hidden menu though, and one of those flavors you can make is cake batter… and cinnamon roll.

I need to try both. 

Next stop was another first for me



I have to admit my expectations weren’t very high.  Regardless, they were beyond surpassed, and I was very happy with the quality. 

I later went for a walk to Orchard Fresh to search for blog worthy products

I did find one


Strawberry Papaya!  Two of my favorite fruits into one.

Yes, of course I bought it. 

Look what I also saw


This thing freaked me out, but I have to admit… I thought it was pretty cool 🙂 

I still have a few hours until I have to work, so I’m just going to take it easy here.  My passionfruit is finally ripe, so I’m planning on making a smoothie with it later!

Question: What’s the best frappuccino you’ve ever had?


One thought on “Daily Blog- Day 17: Starbucks and Chipotle

  1. as much of a starbucks addict I am, I am not a Frapp lover. For cold drinks I love “Passion tea lemonade, easy ice, half raspberry half classic”, or a “Iced tazo chai, lactose free”… If I am in the mood for a frapp it is usually a Chocolate mocha, with 3 pumps hazelnut and carmel drizzle — tastes like nutella!

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