Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Okay so in my past few posts, I’ve been talking a lot about all this crazy produce I have been finding.

One of the ones I was most excited about trying was the dragon fruit.

How could I not be… just look at it!


The thing about fruit is you really shouldn’t buy it and have it the same day.  I honestly don’t even recommend buying fruit that feels ready to eat.  I have done this before with a mango, and it was actually one of the worst mangos I have ever had before.  Maybe it was just a bad experience for me, but it definitely changed my method of buying produce.

So even though I was super super excited to try this dragon fruit, I pushed through and waited a few days.  I guess fruit helps build patience? 🙂 Okay maybe not let’s move on haha.

Since dragon fruit isn’t really as portable as say an apple or a banana (I mean come on, wouldn’t you give me a weird look if I pulled that thing out of my lunch box?) I wanted to find a way to have it that wasn’t so conspicuous.

You may know I have been on a smoothie kick lately.  Therefore, my quick solution was to add it into a smoothie.

The recipe is as follows:

1. 1 handful of ice (8 to 9 cubes)

2. 1 scoop of protein powder

3. 1/2 a dragon fruit (how to cut explained below)

4. 1 frozen diced banana

5. 1/2 tsp xanthan gum

Okay, so you will definitely know if you waited long enough for your dragon fruit to ripen based on how easy it is to cut.

Start by cutting it in half


isn’t it gorgeous??

then take a spoon and scoop the insides out


They should literally come right out.  It’s nothing like trying to take out coconut meat… which I find nearly impossible… but seriously if you guys have any tips for doing that I would absolutely love to know the mystery.

Okay, here’s the thing with dragon fruit.  I found it didn’t have all that much flavor… or at least not as much as I expected.  It was pretty similar to the taste of honeydew… but you wouldn’t think if it was honeydew if you tried it blindfolded.  I don’t know how else to explain it, but it’s definitely not as strong in taste as say kiwi.

This being said, when the smoothie is fully made (follow exactly the procedure for my kiwi shake) you wouldn’t really be able to pinpoint that there is dragon fruit in it.


It’s extremely good don’t get me wrong, but this smoothie would be the mystery flavored air head but in smoothie form.

I’m not even sure adding in the full dragon fruit would change this.  I feel like the fruit itself doesn’t own its’ own distinct flavor.  Maybe I just picked a dull one.  I’d definitely like to repurchase it and try again to see if this is the case.

Let me know if any of you have tried dragon fruit and what your opinion is on it.

Oh by the way it is a superfood.  Just saying :).


2 thoughts on “Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipe

  1. I was wondering if when you use protein powder, is it a meal replacement? Or do you still need to eat something?

    • I have this as a snack. It’s all based on your own needs. I try not to stress what is and isn’t a meal I just eat when I’m hungry and choose healthful foods

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