Daily Blog- Day 20: The Day My Sister Joins The Army

This entire trip has definitely been eye opening for me.  I loved how even though everyone that was at the ceremony was from completely different places, we were all bound together in some way by the army.

I don’t know, I found it really cool and definitely reassuring.

Our journey today started with the arrival at the base.

We walked in and saw Jessie right away.  Even though she seemed tired, she was calm and definitely had herself together.  Again, army strong 🙂

We sat around for awhile until the ceremony itself

They let us take pictures in the swearing in room beforehand

Cue photos:





We went and sat through a family briefing and waited even more until it was time for the actual ceremony


I can’t express how proud I felt to be able to say that that girl standing there was my sister.

We had a quick lunch together, and then she was off.

I don’t know how many of you have had a love one join the service, but it is one of the scariest and hardest things to watch them do something as simple as walking up those bus stairs.

What the future holds is unknown.

Even if she’s not with us our hearts our together.



Failed attempts at hearts

oh well the efforts what matters right?

It’s nice to be back home, and I already miss her.

It’s super super humid out, so I’m probably going to take a shower soon and then get to bed.  Back to real life tomorrow


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