Induction Day!

Today started off for me at about 5:15 am.  For me, this is sleeping in.

Unfortunately, for my family it’s way too early, and the fact we’re in a little hotel room means I really couldn’t be doing stuff around the room.

Even though I was going to take today as a rest day, I figured I could kill an hour at the gym they have here.

Actually I don’t even think I can call it a gym.  It’s more of a closet with a few machines and weights.

Whatever, treadmill it was.


Normally, I focus more on strength training rather than full cardio.  I do about 20 minutes of cardio a day, but it’s extremely rare I devote an entire workout to running.

I decided why not give it a try.

I had remembered previously reading about interval treadmill workouts on PBFingers.

I found this one to try out.  It was pretty intense, but I loved it.  It definitely made the time go by a lot faster than a normal run on the treadmill would go for me.


I left feeling reenergized only to find my family was still sleeping!!!

Of course.

To kill even more time, I figured to get something to eat really quickly since they wouldn’t even be having breakfast for a few hours.

Like most hotels, the selection was pretty bad.  Since nothing really caught my eye as something I really wanted to try, I just stuck with plain oatmeal topped with almonds and dried cranberries.

To balance it out, I also included a hard boiled egg.

And really bad coffee.  It pretty much tasted like burnt water, definitely not ideal.


I returned to the room again to find yes, my family still sleeping.

I proceeded to do what any other girl would do

Apply my makeup in the dark.

I can’t be the only one who has done this before, and surprisingly, it turned out really well.

Skill 🙂

Now I am playing around with my phone.  I just figured out how to delete 1000 photos that I don’t need on there.

Finally I can fit more than just 10 songs on my phone!!

I really need more memory.

It’s still not even 8 o’clock yet, so we still have a good hour before we have to get going.

I’m all packed and ready to go, so yeah.  I don’t know what I’ll do to pass the time.

I’m curious to how Jessie’s doing at her hotel.  I’m imagining she’s probably super nervous.  Hopefully excited as well 🙂

I’ll catch up later after the ceremony and everything.


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