Daily Blog- Day 21: Discovering Strength and Old Dance Songs

Today is quite the odd day for me.  I slept really really well, but I woke up feeling under the weather… yet really really energetic.  Like so energetic I was pretty much bouncing off the walls at 5 am… while sneezing… with a sore throat.

Weird I know.

Anyways, after waking up, I had breakfast, and did my workout for the day.

After my last cardio workout, I really wanted to incorporate more cardio in with today’s.

I followed this circuit workout twice.  I then proceeded to do my pilates for the day.

I think I love cardio so much because as a dancer, I’ve pretty much been doing cardio since I was 3.  It’s just the most natural to me.

Strength training on the other hand was really hard for me to adjust to at first.  I’m just now starting to really challenge myself with heavier weights or i’ll add in weights where I originally wouldn’t be able to.  It feels amazing.

I’ve been following the blogilates workout calendar for 5 months now, and each month I feel so much better and stronger.  It really is about getting over that hump, and then it just becomes a part of your day.

I made a rediscovery during my workout.  I put my music on shuffle, and You’ll Find A Way by Santigold came on.  This was my dance song last year, and it never ever fails to pump me up.  I found that I went through the entire dance in my head while also doing my workout.  This always happens when an old dance song comes on.  Any other dancers out there have this problem?

After I was done, I made an amazinggggggggggg protein shake.  It tasted just like an ice cream sundae… except it’s healthy! 😀 Click here for the recipe.


I then proceed to get ready and go out for a bit.  I went to this fabulous place


I felt like I was laying at the beach.  Definitely the best feeling on a warm day.

When I got home, I still didn’t feel great.

If you’ve read past posts of mine, you probably know I swear by Kombucha.

I decided to walk to the store to pick up a bottle.

I really wanted the same flavor I got last time, but Synergy isn’t stocked where I went :(.

Oh well, berry it was


and it was still amazing.

Now I’m catching up on some blogging stuff and resting for a bit before work.  I’m really excited to go back.  Even though it’s only been like 2 days, it feels like it’s been a lifetime.


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