Daily Blog- Day 22: Top 10 Recipes

Today is not at all an exciting day for me by any means of the word.

After very little sleep, I woke up at 3:30 feeling really wired.  This was half an hour earlier than I intended to wake up, so I got a quick 20 minute cardio session in before work.

I’m working two shifts today.  I just got back from working 6 hours, and I’m going back in a few hours to work another four.  I figured that since I’m going to be so active just with work, the 20 minutes of cardio would be enough for today.  Anyways, the pilates I was supposed to do really wouldn’t challenge me that much.

Besides that I literally have nothing else going on today.  To make up for this, I figured instead of doing a full length daily blog, I’d put together my top ten recipes for you new readers.

1. Overnight Cookie Dough Breakfast


2. “Halfway Through The Sundae” Shake


3. Banana Almond Breakfast Quinoa


4. Coconut Cream Pie Inspired Breakfast


5. Authentic Tiramisu Breakfast


6. Chia Fluff


7. Chocolate Brownie Energy Bars


8. All Natural, Homemade Chocolate


9. Healthy Caramel Apple Ice Cream


10. Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles


Let me know which recipe is your favorite!


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