Daily Blog- Day 23: Hard Work Pays Off

Today has been what I would call a really good day in disguise.  Nothing really big is happening… plus it’s really gloomy out yet some pretty amazing things have happened.

Amazing things that are either the result of really hard work or just pure luck and timing… or maybe fate who knows.

It all started at 5:47am this morning.  I looked at the clock, quite surprised how late I slept in, only to remember my SAT scores were available online.

For those of you who know, a few months ago, I had the idea to retake my SAT scores to better promote my chances of getting scholarships for a really good college.

I did not do well at all the first two times I took them.  The first time I got a 1040, the next time a 1050.  Neither are well enough to get decent SAT scholarships.

To make a difference this time, I enrolled in a one month SAT course, which was very intensive and quite stressful for me.  Trying to balance that plus a full time job was definitely tough.  So much so I actually fell asleep during the one class!

All of the hard work paid off though, and even though I took the test this time with a fever, I managed to come out of it with a 1270!!! I could not believe my eyes when I saw the score, and I am so proud of myself.  It is definitely arguable that the best feeling is when your hard work means something.

The next amazing thing that happened to me today happened when I went to go fill up my car at Delta Sonic.  I only had intentions to fill up my car, but one of the workers noticed that there were actually two cracks in my windshield that needed to be fixed.  Since my insurance company covers this stuff, I was able to get that plus the interior of my car cleaned for free.  The interior was really really bad… kind of embarrassing, but hey I’ve got other things to worry about :).  He was really nice and helpful, and hey it potentially saved me from having to replace my entire windshield.  And now my cars all sparkly clean :)… well the inside is haha I should probably go back sometime for an actual car wash.

Along with all this, I am perfecting a mock vanilla frosty recipe for you guys.  I think I discovered the secret ingredient.  I’ll test it out tomorrow, so look for that recipe soon.

Look what my vitamix decided to do while I was experimenting today


It all ended up coming together fine, but I thought this looked super cool! 😀

I have work soon, but for now I’m enjoying some kombucha hoping to fight off this stupid cold.  Oh and note to everyone who has ever or plans to have kombucha…. don’t try to open it after you know it’s been probably shaken up a bit…. it gets EVERYWHERE.


6 thoughts on “Daily Blog- Day 23: Hard Work Pays Off

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