Daily Blog- Day 24: The Value Of Time

I wanted to start off today’s post talking about something that I think everyone goes through at one point or another.

In this case, it’s really learning to value and cherish the now.

When I think back on the past year and a half, I remember a lot of negatives.  I feel like this was a really big growing time for me, and as a whole, I had to struggle a lot to get to where I am now.

Unfortunately, I forget all of the good things I had in my life that I kind of just set to the side while I focused on getting myself healthy again.

More specifically, my relationships with my friends and family.

I don’t know how many of you have lost a friend before or had to say bye to a friend, but I guarantee you didn’t know how sad it would be until it actually happened.

Let me elaborate a bit with an example.

So throughout this year, if someone asked me who my best friend was, I would say I didn’t have one.  Even worse, I may have responded saying I didn’t have any friends at all.

Looking back,  both of these answers would have been wrong.  Even though I’m not friends with anyone from when I was in high school anymore, I have definitely created new relationships at my work.

I didn’t really count these though because I figured you just had to get along with people at work.

It took one of my work friends to leave for me to really see this.  He is joining the airforce, and I am definitely going to miss him and miss his presence at work almost everyday.

It’s amazing how just constantly being in the same place as a group of people almost everyday creates such strong bonds.  I definitely would consider my coworkers as a second family to me.

Now with my primary family, it also took my sister leaving for the army for me to really look back and wish I could have done things different with her.  Since she is my sister, I think I just had the idea that she would always be there or at least a text or phone call away.  It’s really difficult for me to think back to my childhood and realize that those days will never be repeated.  I really miss them, and I really miss her.

Take my lessons as a lesson for yourself.  Sometimes it really helps to step back and evaluate which relationships are really important to you in your life.  We aren’t here forever, so we need to learn as I said in my last post, appreciation.

Okay that’s my speech for the day haha.  I work soon, so I’ve gotta get ready.

Look out for new recipes soon!


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