Daily Blog- Day 26: My Tattoo

Today has been quite nice for me.

After pretty much passing out sick yesterday, I am starting to feel a bit better.  Unfortunately now I pretty much always have to have a box of tissues around me, but whatever at least I don’t feel as drained.

Sleeping probably helped a bit as well.

Since tomorrow is Memorial Day, I really wanted to get a bracelet or something I could wear to commemorate my sister.

I seriously looked everywhere and could not find a single thing.

It’s really sad how people take holidays such as these and completely forget the point of recognizing them.  I will admit though, it’s a good excuse to spend more time with your family.

Speaking of which, I want to talk about something I don’t think I’ve yet brought up on this blog.

It’s something that I feel is a huge part of me and definitely represents who I am

My tattoo.

Last year, when I started to feel my life turning for the worse, I knew I needed a way to remind myself where my true strength is.

I decided to get this tattoo.


It’s the word strength with the initials of my immediate family around it.  At the end of the day, I know that my family will always be there, and they’re the ones I need to count on more than anyone else.  It definitely is exactly what I needed to remind me of this.

It didn’t hurt at all.  Actually, the tattoo artist told me I handled it way better than people who have gotten multiple tattoos.  That’s just me though, I handle pain extremely well.  I think this has to do with 14 years of dance classes where all we do is learn to fall in crazy ways… i’m serious haha.

Okay back on topic, so after I did some running around, I went out with my parents.

We first went to Barnes and Noble, where I got this


Iced coffee 🙂

We then went to a local I guess you can call it a seasonal shop.  One of those places you can get pumpkins in the fall.  Well since it’s not fall, they had a lot of flowers, which my mom wanted to decorate the front of our house.


So pretty 🙂

My favorite thing about these places is the fact that they have a lot of homemade products.

I decided to get these


Apple butter and a strawberry rhubarb spread.

Both delicious 🙂

I also saw this


It’s amazing what people will come up with

My dad’s making a special family dinner, so I have that to look forward to in a bit.  Then it’s getting ready for tomorrow!


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